Mobile and Tablet Use

Instead of pen and paper or data input between excel sheets, conduct your audits, inspections, assessments and checklists on your chosen mobile or tablet device. supports all devices with the best possible user experience.

Full Offline support

Battle-tested in extreme conditions, operates fully offline. You are able to conduct and submit as many audits as you want, will update the information to the cloud once you have access to Internet connection again.

Add pictures

Pictures tell more than thousand words but it won't help you unless you know where the picture was taken in the first place. automatically positions the pictures under the questions they been taken both during the audit and in the report.

Multiple answer types

You can choose to have yes/no, one to five, traffic lights or any customizable text between one to ten answer options. For each question you can also add pictures and free text to make things more vivid. N/A (not applicable) answer type works for cases when you seek to compare different targets but not all the questions are applicable.

Automated statistics and reports

Forget about the second day of creating the audit report. creates beautiful reports and statistics automatically for you and for your team. Take a look at the visual analytics on the dashboard to compare sites and locations by template or by time. Find the trends and deviations with a single look and take necessary action.

Structured notices and followups

For many inspections and audits there are comments so typical that it makes sense to structure them as notices. This saves even more time when conducting the audit, because you can just click the notice instead of writing text to the comment field. Over time you will also see which types of notices create the most followups.

Customized score scales and categories

Not every audit has the same score scales and categories. For safety inspections you may want to use score scale of 0 - 100% and for subcontractor audits you may want to track your subcontractors and service providers on a scale of 0.00 - 5.00. You can also decide the ranges inside the score scale that match to score categories.

Audit listing and management

All audits and inspections can be managed under audit listing. Manage and track scheduled, ongoing and done audits directly from a single and elegant view. Depending on the permissions, the users will either see their own audits or the entire organization's audits.

Coming soon features

Followup's action list and scheduling

Template creator

Template vault

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